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Antenatal MOT - Manchester

What Is An Antenatal MOT?

Be prepared. proactive and not reactive.

Are you confident that your body, abdomen and pelvic floor is ready for pregnancy and birth?

Let’s talk about your current pregnancy as well as any past pregnancies and birthing experiences you’ve had. We’ll assess various aspects including your posture, pelvis, spine, abdominal muscles, diaphragm, and pelvic floor. I’ll provide education on bladder and bowel health, offering tips to avoid and manage prolapse. We’ll also discuss exercise during pregnancy, tailoring modifications to suit your individual needs. Additionally, I’ll offer post-natal recovery guidance and support to help you navigate this transformative journey with confidence.

Pregnancy MOT Manchester

Does This Sound Like You?

How You'll Feel After a Pregnancy MOT:

Picture this – you walk out with a newfound understanding of your body, armed with a tailored treatment plan. No more guessing games; you’ll be confidently navigating your pregnancy journey.

Pelvic floor support? Checked.

Guidance on staying active and healthy? Absolutely.

It’s not just a check; it’s your passport to a leak-free, pelvic-floor-happy pregnancy.

Pregnancy MOT

Meet The Mum Physio – Your Expert Guide:

I’m not just a specialist women’s health physiotherapist; I’m your ally. With a knack for understanding the nuances of pregnancy, I strive to create a warm and friendly space for you to discuss concerns, explore options, and embark on a journey towards a healthy childbirth. 


Your Antenatal MOT Questions Answered

When is the best time for a Pregnancy MOT?

Ideally, book in after 12 weeks for a comprehensive assessment tailored to your growing baby’s needs.

Can it address my pelvic floor concerns?

Absolutely. The assessment delves into pelvic floor support, exercises, and dysfunction, ensuring you’re in the best shape possible.

Why The Mum Physio?

I combine professional expertise with a friendly touch, creating an environment where you’ll feel heard, supported, and empowered.

Services Beyond Pregnancy: Mummy MOT®

Because your journey doesn’t end with the birth of your baby.

Explore my Mummy MOT for postnatal care, pelvic health physiotherapy, and a holistic approach to your well-being. Let’s make every step of your motherhood journey a confident and comfortable one. Ready to embark on this adventure? Get in touch and let’s make your pregnancy and beyond a beautiful, pain-free story.

Pregnancy MOT